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Construimos Zoológicos
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From the earliest eighteenth-century menageries to today's conservation parks, zoos and aquaria have played a role in our culture, nowadays attracting up to 600 million people a year. With universal appeal and overwhelming popularity, modern zoos have gone beyond the idea of simply serving as a place of family entertainment. They have become an increasingly important platform for conservation, research and public education.


What is DeZOOS?
DeZOOS is a consulting company with more than 20 years of experience that creates, develops and manages zoos and aquariums. With our extensive experience DeZOOS offers high level know-how services to zoological institutions, aquaria and dolphinaria, both public and private, in order that they may be: - economically viable - appreciated and valued for the work they do - socially responsible, involved proactively in biodiversity conservation - promoters of the tourist and cultural offer of a territory.
Why choose us?
DeZOOS is Quality. Our team is formed by professionals from different disciplines trained in the best institutions that guarantee quality and wide knowledge in both advising and training.
DeZOOS is Experience. More than 20 years in the industry.
DeZOOS is Up to date. We are present in the main national and international events of the sector.
DeZOOS is Adaptible. We develop the activities in your own company / institution / park and we mould ourselves to your circumstances.
DeZOOS is Efficient, saving time and effort. We develop your project within previously agreed objectives and timeframe.
DeZOOS is Transparent. Every project is based on a closed budget agreed in advance.
DeZOOS is Commited. We guarantee the previously agreed objectives.
Dezoos quienes Dezoos ok Dezoos family
How do we work?
We mark the lines of specialization and differentiation of the institution with our clients.
We review and reduce asset acquisition and maintenance costs.
We turn conservation actions into a communication tool.
We integrate and promote the institution in national and international forums and lobbies.
We increase the quality of the institution's offer with exigency, ambition and a vision for the future.
We control the quality to increase the recognition of the institution.
We keep the interest of the visiting public so that they always find a reason to come back.

We provide:
-Professionalism and proven experience
-Technical and commercial vision
-Knowledge of the potential and areas of improvement of the centres
-Scientific technical support for the development or redesign of your park
-Profound knowledge of the technical and legal idiosyncrasies of the maintenance of animals in captivity


Integration of the institution in the national and international Associations of the sector: DeZOOS has obtained the accreditation of several zoos in two associations of different continents:
EAZA (Europa) y PAAZA (África)
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