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Construimos Zoológicos
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The professionalism of DeZOOS has ensured the operation and viability of various projects and institutions. Our proven experience and competence, our human team and extensive knowledge in this field has made us one of the most respected zoological consulting companies in the sector.

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Elaboration of the collection plan: The Collection Plan is unique and specific to each zoological institution. It offers an overview of the status of the zoological collection and the role of each species within the collection. It is a fundamental tool to design strategies for the future of both, the animal collection and the institution itself. The process of developing a collection plan should include an analysis of the current status of the zoological collection and clearly define the criteria for inclusion of the species in that plan. Such criteria should include aspects such as the importance for conservation, animal welfare and educational value as well as being attractive to the public.
Management of the animal collection: Along with the animal collection plan and the design of enclosures, the management of the animal collection becomes the third fundamental pillar in a zoo. Preservation of the genetic diversity, reproduction control and animal welfare are some of the major challenges that zoological institutions face.
Acquisition and Disposal of Animals: We assist zoological institutions in the management of surplus animals and the incorporation of new specimens into the zoological collection.
Setting up of new enclosures: The safety and welfare conditions are revised for a successful adaptation of the animals to a new enclosure.
Staff training: Addressed specifically to the zoological department. It includes basic topics such as the biology and conservation of wild species and specific topics like the management of zoological information database.
Conservation and reintroduction programs: Collaboration in the integration of the institution into conservation projects (ex situ reproduction programmes, research, support to in situ projects).
Education and research: We advise on the design of policies and educational and research programmes, establishing the working lines, developing the contents and proposing the resources that will be destined to these purposes.
Veterinary assistance: DeZOOS offers veterinary coverage with a highly specialized service (medical assistance, diagnosis, anesthesia, etc.). We develop veterinary plans of preventive medicine, hygiene and health plans, health surveillance and disease control adapted to each institution within the framework of the actions demanded by the sanitary authorities.
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With the only European architecture study dedicated exclusively to designing and building zoos, aquaria and dolphinaria under the concept of Zoo-immersion (zoos without visual barriers), we carry out:
-Architectural and landscape designs
-Build out of our projects,
-Specialised Project Manager for other architectural and engineering studies
-Turnkey Projects (including the search, transport and adaptation of the animals of the institution)
-Turnkey Projects with delegated management of the center (for investing companies and capital funds)
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Situation analysis and strategic planning
Human resources: Selection of specialised staf
f Staff supervision: We review the zoological department's working procedures to make them safer, more efficient and productive.
Economic evaluation: Financial feasibility study and elaboration of the financial plan of the institutions with experts of the zoological sector
Marketing strategies and communication campaigns
Elaboration of species identification signage and general signage of the institution
Communication initiatives 2.0 and 3.0 with visiting public
Congresses, exhibitions, conferences and fairs

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